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Sandpaper and Popcorn Wall - Texture Roller #144 & 145

Sandpaper and Popcorn Wall - Texture Roller #144 & 145

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Introducing our highly-detailed Texture Roller. 

Size Estimates 4inch x 1in diameter

Material: High-quality Resin

Resin is highly durable but we suggest trying your best not to drop your rollers. The rollers may crack due to the impact and cause damage.

Do not expose it to heat or wash it in your dishwasher. Do not use alcohol or acetone on your roller. Utilize a toothbrush and cool water with soap to clean your roller. Store in a cool, dry place.

Color may vary depending on the current resin colors in stock.

Our cutters are highly detailed and should NEVER be used without something to prevent the clay from sticking (water/ preferably corn starch).

Check out our Instagram @itsmadeofclay for video tutorials. 

To use, roll out the clay to the required thickness. Place on a ceramic tile or your baking surface. Use a soft brush to cover the roller in cornstarch. Use some extra cornstarch and brush it on the top layer of your clay. Lightly tap off some of the excess cornstarch from the texture roller. With even and gentle pressure, roll your roller over the clay slab to get the desired effect. 

Processing Time: 3-5 Days


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Customer Reviews

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Marina Grigorian Funky Worlds
Excellent Roller

Great quality roller, very happy with the purchase.


All I did was condition the clay and glide this roller on and perfection!!